Money Is The Root To All Evil?


Police and Sheriff were at Burr Oak Cemetery on July 8th where over hundreds of bodies were descreted.

I know you’ve heard the saying Money Is The Root To All Evil but how could this be. Money doesn’t solve problems it just creates more. Money can’t buy true love or real happiness.  When money comes into the hands of people it can cause them to act without thinking. Money is not that precious to where you dump bodies and resale plots in a graveyard. That’s crazy and that goes to how that money can make people do awful things. So far four workers have been charged with dismembering bodies.g071309cemetery4_cst_feed_20090713_02_45_30_2577_h=266&w=400

Many people gathered around on Sunday  to pray during a service held by the Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. across from Burr Oak Cemetery at  Eisenhower High School.  They came out to seek information about their love ones.



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