Mr. Hudson: Straight No Chaser


Finally we get to see what Mr. Hudson’s album cover will look like. The album is scheduled to be released October 5, 2009. It features Kid Cudi and Kanye West who are both signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D Music Record label. The album was made at a point where Mr. Hudson had nothing, but he still had the dedication to finish. Co- produced by Kanye West, Straight No Chaser brings together many influences and various tones to create distinctive rhythms. This is definitely something to look forward to in the pop genre.

01. Supernova (feat. Kanye West)
02. White Lies
03. Straight No Chaser
04. Knew We Were Trouble
05. Way Out
06. Instant Messenger
07. Anyone But Him (feat. Kanye West)
08. There Will Be Tears
09. Everything Is Broken (feat. KiD CuDi)
10. Stiff Upper Lip
11. Lift Your Head From Your Hands
12. Time

-Devion Johnson


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