New Era In Gaming

Girl Gamers


Say hello, to the Frag Dolls. A group of  They are known by their gaming names: Brookelyn, Eekers, Jinx, Katscratch, Rhoulette, Pyra Seppuku,Valkyrie and Mischief.  They have been called “Booth Babes” and “Gaming Models” because of their good looks. Of course the boys are bitter ! The Frag Dolls were originally promotional gaming models, but they took this opportunity and ran with it.  In December 2006 they placed first in the Rainbow Six: Vegas tournament at CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League). That makes them the first all female group ever to win a professional honor in gaming. The boys can be bitter all they want to I know we will be seeing more all girl gamer groups around.

Here are a few pics of the girls at work and having fun.








You can visit the Frag Dolls website at –

By: SaniaTiana Erwin & Arieanna Ampey


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