The Game-“I’m So Wavy”

6Game has done it again! West coast gangster rapper The Game, is showing his thuggishness through his new diss song “I’m So Wavy”. Game is pretty much known for starting beefs and diss songs, so this is really a normal for him. But it’s not normal when you’re coming at Jay-Z. Yeah I said it; Game is coming at Hova, one of the biggest names in the rap game. The Thug Game speaks on how Jay can’t get his Destiny Child wife pregnant, how Kanye and Jay got into it backstage at a London concert, and why Chris Brown didn’t perform at the Bet Awards. He says that Jigga told BET that if Chris Brown performs, him and Beyonce will stay at home. Kind of gypsy I know, but hey that’s jay-Z for you. Aw yeah I forgot, He gives advice to Kanye to leave his girlfriend Amber Ross, and he even shouts out to Gucci Mane, O.J Da Juice Man with his signature “AY”. Venus and Serena Williams names get called out and even Drake and Lil Wayne. Pretty funny song.

Download here,

Daniel DOOKIE Merrick


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