Ways to Rate Your ‘Ugly’


This is the guide to rate your ugly. Rather it’s external or internal, in personality or image.

1. No camera angle suits you. Before people show your picture they say, “she’s/he’s is not that photogenic” or “this wasn’t a good picture”. Right.

2. People fail to look you directly in the eye.

3. As you talk people walk.

4. Your mirror shatters.

5. People seldom take you out in public, they’d rather chill with you at your house.

6. Your overly-defensive, because your use to people ‘hating’ as you call it.

7. When someone ask your friend how you look they say, “sheeeee cute, I’m saying she not like no Beyonce or nothing”.

8. Guys tend to do other things when you pass. Like get the lint off their shoestrings or some other miscellaneous task.

9. You can’t understand why that person never talked to you or called you back after that blind date. It’s because you were too good ugly for them.

10. People say, “He/She cool as hell, though.” Though what, even though their facially challenged.

11. You seem to have the strongest connection with nature and its great creations, that no one else seems to have.

12. You know your ugly when your friend’s relationship is just as much as yours as theirs, because you have no guy or girl.


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