“Acting” Like Rappers

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I was browsing through the web when I came across a post titled “Nia Long Lashes Out at Music Stars Who Act,” and I immediately thought “Didn’t she just star in TWO movies with Ice Cube?” Further into the article she stated that it’s not about a person’s talent any more, but about how much money they’ll bring in…so is that why she waited until after she cashed her checks from “Are We There Yet” and “Are We Done Yet” to complain?

We’ll ignore Nia’s hypocrisy and focus more on the point she was trying to make. Rappers are opening our eyes to a whole new side of them…a side we’d thought we’d never see….themselves? Since when is playing yourself or a character similar to yourself called acting?

Like 50 cent in “Get Rich or Die Trying”, he may have gotten rich off that movie, but he definitely didn’t try very hard. And am I the only one who felt like slapping Ludacris after watching him get beat up by Terrence Howard in “Hustle & Flow” and “Crash” ? What was T.I’s “Motivation” behind “ATL”? Don’t get me wrong I loved the movie but not because his acting was good but because he’s fun to watch. Those are only a few from the list, but all these movies got so much attention. Not because they had these wonderful plots and great actors…but because the main characters were famous rappers. Why is that?

Some rappers who attempt to cross over into the acting business give the phrase “one hit wonder” a whole new meaning….once these awful movies hit the market it makes me wonder what they were thinking.

My Biggest nighmare is that I’ll be at the movies and I’ll see a preiview for “Always Strapped” staring Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane…..YIKES!

-Breanna H-


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