Again 5o

F_200708_August25Bi_353204a50 Cent’s upcoming album Before I Self Destruct will drop September 11, 2009 same day as Jay-Z album Blueprint 3 , as we all know 50 pulled the same stunt in 2005 but didn’t get really far. Kanye West came hard that year and sold way more then 50; although Curtis lost, he sold the most albums since he’s been in the game. After the G-Unit general (50 cent) faded away for a couple months he’s back giving this another go, hands down Jay-Z got this in the bag! I think 50 cent wants to drop his album the exact same day as Jigga after he just so happen to beat 50 to the number 1 spot in the 2009 top R&B artist. Mr.Jackson has nothing on Mr. Carter.

                                                         By:Tamara D


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