BCS ~Talk~

44140130_21828525001_0501dv-pol-congress-bcs-SJ-s260608AT1VW104Smaller teams showing heart and passion to not get a fair chance to play in one of the biggest games in college is not arguable. The Mountain West is equal to the SEC in terms of football teams, it is simply a fact that, in recent years, more and more teams from non-privileged conferences have been deserving of national attention. BCS officials claim they have been rewarding this success with a reward and recognition, their system is specifically designed to keep such success at a minimum. Besides reserving national championship eligibility for the teams in the six favored conferences, the BCS limits the number of outside teams that can be invited to play in the other BCS bowl games. Last year, for example, Boise State and Utah were the only two teams to go undefeated in the regular season. Both met the extraordinarily high bar placed above non-privileged teams to earn an automatic BCS bid and both could have been invited without a champion from one of the big six conferences. Yet, because the BCS rules limit the number of automatic bids that can be awarded to outside teams, Boise State was left out the picture entirely. Worse still is the fact that the BCS doesn’t even provide equal rewards for the schools they do allow into their games. BRACKETS! is needed over choice for better opportunity……By: Devon Williams


2 thoughts on “BCS ~Talk~

  1. i like the idea and believe that ncaa football should have the same opportunities as ncaa basketball n i beleieve this would give the college football experience the fans they have the potential to have

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