From Famous To Wanted!

Last time he will be doing this

Last time he will be doing this

How do these NBA players make millions of dollars but not have enough money to pay off loans?  These players should be swimming in money especially when they have won multiple championships. But for some reason they are just not good with finances.When it comes to gambling a person should definitely know their limits. Unfortunately, players like Antoine Walker have to learn the hard way. On Tuesday, July 14, 2009 a judge issued a warrant for Antoine Walker’s arrest for writing over $1 million dollars in bad checks. He got 10 loans from 10 different casinos including  Ceaser’s Palace, Planet Hollywood, and the Red Rock Station in Vegas.  They gave him vast amounts of money that he still he hasn’t paid back; amounting to more more than $800,000 in debt.

The question is where did all of his earnings go from the three championships with the Celtics, the one from the Heat plus his regular salary? He blew it on cars, clothes , and gambling. Now that he has an arrest warrant he either has to pay the money back or he’s going to jail. Hopefully he will be able to repay the loans  or the only ball playing he will be doing is in jail with Pookie and Ray Ray with dude calling him “Hey Peaches” . If I were him, I’d  find that money. He really has no choice because it’s not like he can hide. I mean where will he go? He’s too high profile and being 6’8 makes him too big to hide anywhere! The moral of this story is: spend your money wisely ballers.

Donavon “Dono” Henry


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