Lights, Camera, Fiction!

reality tv

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that “reality” shows are more unrealistic than scripted TV shows?

Like these dating shows, after “Flavor of Love 14” the jig was up and we’d pretty much figured out that it was all fake. But for some reason VH1 keeps trying to play matchmaker. And is it me or do the looser of the show always get more attention then the winner? If you do get picked, you get a whole 10 minutes instead of five on the reunion. But if don’t get picked you get a whole show to yourself. Dating shows are so played out, so why don’t they do like real people and sign up on

Now they’ve turned “Cheaper by the Dozen” into reality with this new show “Jon & Kate plus 8” The show may have started off boring but at least it was believable. Did any one else notice that they’re house is getting bigger with each season? If it was really reality this stay at home mother, her working husband, and their 8 kids would not be living in a mansion and taking annual trips to Disney world.

But my all time favorite “reality” show is “The Hills.” After all the manipulating and back stabbing that goes on in that show, I can’t believe that a fight hasn’t broken out yet. News flash reality can’t be edited or censored. Nor is there always random music playing in the background. So stop calling it reality and just call comedy!

-Breanna H-


One thought on “Lights, Camera, Fiction!

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