Nasty Nas’ 91 Demo!



Classic ish, nuff said.

 Nas was about 18 when he recorded most of the tracks on this mixtape, but what makes it crazy is that he dropped out of school in 8th grade! His lyrics and wordplay were already impressive for an 18 year old but knowing he didn’t even finish school at the time of recording this is amazing. Give this a listen and use it to stunt on some of the older hip hop heads or play it when you just feel like cruisin to some smooth music.


02.Life Is Like A Dice Game
03.Just Another Day In The Projects
04.Deja Vu
05.Back To The Grill Featuring MC Serch
06.Everything Is Real
07.I’m A Villan
08.Number One With A Bullet Featuring Kool G Rap & Whiteboy
09.Nas Will Prevail
10.On The Real (Original)
Main Source Feat.Nas,Akinyele And Joe Fatal – Live At The Barbeque (Nas’s Debut Song)

Download Here

BY: Chris “Zookie” Roberts


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