No Longer #1?


Early In the 2008-09 season, Tracy Mcgrady suffered a knee injury that caused him to sit out for the remainder of the season. Unfortunately he will not be returning as soon as his fans expected, he won’t be back until later on in the 09-10 season. This is bad for the Rockets considering that their first star franchise player (Yao Ming) has recently suffered a foot injury that is career threatening.  Tmac has been wearing number 1 since he first came to the league, playing with the Magic. He went to Darfur during the summer of 2007 and what he saw devastated him. What he saw was civil arrest at its highest point. Tmac made a documentary of his trip called “3 Points”, which stands for his three goals: peace, protection, and punishment. Tracy has now chosen to wear number 3, which stands for those three points. This number promotesthe efforts of his documentary, and honors Darfur.



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