Shane Not Afraid of Brock

Shane Carwin

Shane Carwin

UFC fighter Shane Carwin reacted to Brock Lesnar’s antics after he defeated Frank Mir at UFC 100. He was talking about how great the fans are to the sport and ripping him as a champion. Carwin said ” The flipping off of the fans that just put millions of dollars in your pocket is just lame. He may be a champion, but he has a long ways to go before he earns the respect of a champion”. The media and fans are taking his statements as a challenge to fight Brock and he seems to want the same thing. Shane also said “form leaving the venue all the way to the airport I have had fans of the sport asking me to take out Brock Lesnar for them”. Who knows if there will be a match between these two fighters but Shane definitely wants one. After these statements by Shane, I think Brock will be wanting a match too.


– Avonte’


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