The Great Debate

I love my guys in skinny jeans



I am so tired of the great debate on skinny jeans. Of course if you’re used to dressing urban or like a baby thug then you will hate skinny jeans. Personally, I love my guys in skinny jeans. The look is very attractive to me. Some dudes who aren’t into fashion may say they are gay because they’re tight. Skinny jeans or tight tee’s doesn’t make a person gay.  See jeans are like chicks. It’s all about personal preference. If you only smash it with thick chicks of course a skinny girl will be unattractive because you choose thick chicks over skinny chicks. So, if  you prefer baggy jeans over tighter ones all you will wear are baggy jeans. This debate is officially put to rest: Skinny jeans on guys rock !

by: SaniaTiana Erwin




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