Twitter in high demand! (literally)

chad_dont_fine_meMr. Ochocinco let it be know lask week, that he would be updating his twitter page on the sideline during regular season games.  The NFL has already warned Ochocinco that the acts he will attempt to do are strictly prohibited, which is using a cell phone during a game.

Ochocinco attempts to be defiant, writing tweets like:

“Damn NFL and these rules, I am going by my own set of rules, I ain’t hurting nobody or getting in trouble, I am putting my foot down!!”

Ochocinco is alot of things but he can’t be that stupid, I’m sure he is aware that the fines for his twittering during the game will be not worth the hassle.  But there is not a rule that prevents another person from updating his twitter page for him, there is ways around everything.  But who knows if this will satisfy Chad Ochocinco?

DeVontre Spears


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