Who’s Year Is It?

 Picnik collage


With T.I in jail and Lil Wayne on his hot boy/Rock star stuff  my question is who year is it?this year can be 50 cents year to come back out, but its to late for that.Of course it could be Gucci Manes year if he stop smoking and using dumb rhymes at time’s but wasn’t last year his and Lil Wayne’s??But the only 2 man that come to mind when i think about who’s year it could be is Plies and Young Jeezy.Plies is slept on cause people choose to hate on him because he do songs for the ladies.If i was a rapper i would do the samething.But what about Jeezy to me 2006 was his because he had just came out and his style of rap was new but he still can own this year.But who’s year is it Plies or Young Jeezy???

Trenton Arnold


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