From “Family Guy” to Fatal Shooting!


the shooting seen in englewood

the shooting seen in englewood

An 8 year old boy was hit by a bullet in his Englewood apartment on 6634 south green on Wednesday July 15.

The 8 year old boy was in the front room with his bigger brother watching  “Family Guy” around 10:00 p.m. when a bullet went through his window and hit him in the arm injuring his back. The violence in Chicago is getting very tiring and frustrating. Yes you see many people marching up and down the street trying to stop the violence but it’s really working. You can have many marches and it still won’t have an effect on the young teens that are killing each other. You got all these speakers that are speaking at us but they don’t ask us why! They don’t ask us questions, they just stand up and preach and it is getting boring. We hear the same story over and over again. If you’re not willing to talk to the gang members and the people that are causing the violence then I don’t see the violence stopping anytime soon. Englewood in Chicago is known as a very violent area. It made the FBI’s list as one of the top 20 dangerous neighborhoods in America…What a shame!


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