Category F5 Review


Category F5 is Twista’s eighth solo album. Twista comes with a lyrical vengeance and freedom after his tenure at Atlantic has passed. The GMG General is ready to reek havoc upon his nay sayers, while his core audience are also swept in the tides of the Category F5.

Misunderstood F. Buk of Psychodrama Category 4(due to lyrical content)Misunderstood began with an Intro from Buk, which is reminiscent of the first Adrenalin Rush album. The song uses the sample ‘Imma Misunderstood Ni**a’ from “Adrenaline Rush”. Twista drops lyrical fore-warnings with “Like Freddie after Jason/With a Fascination For a laceration/and Congratulations For Eradication/Because I Know Ain’t no Vaccination for Decapitation at a Rapid Pacing (Imma Bout to Tear Sh** Up)”. The beat left me misunderstanding why the category F5 had bass that eluded the emotion of Twista’s flow. Buk seem to just be thrown in the Hurricane with no chance to survive the erratic beat (waves) that approached him.

American Gangsta Category 3: American Gangsta started with Jimmy Hendrix’s rendition of the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’, a sample I believe should have been carried throughout the song. Then it jaggedly erupted into Twista American Gangsta chorus, which sounded rushed and busy. The fast techno strings that tried to compliment Twista flow was overbearing, there was a constant strain between the two. It sounded like two bands playing as loud and as fast as they could, leaving the listener overwhelmed.

Fire Category 3: Fire began mellow and laid back; it could have easily lost my attention. But the rarely melodic chorus from Twista keeps you winded. Next thing you know your swaying with Twista listening to his Ganja infused lyrics and the ‘high’ twinkles and key strokes of a smoke session. I’m a fan of Boosie, but his verse was unneeded along with his corky voice which disrupted the flow of the song.

Talk to Me Category 5: Talk to Me sample echoes throughout the song and throughout the hood when played. This is easily some of the realest lyrics Twista spat on CF5, chronicling the disputes between homeys which could easily escalate to gun play, but instead he  conquers them with peace and resolution. The airy bass thump and beautiful piano arpeggio makes it heartfelt.

Yellowlight Category 4: Two Chicago greats, Twista and R. Kelly, cleverly describe a mid-level bedroom tour. Not too fast, nor too slow. The two still have chemistry as successful as it was with “So Sexy”, but with a guitar and piano assisted two step groove, colored with eccentric dramatizations and auto-tune squiggles.

Walking On Ice Category 1: This song was mediocre at best. Gucci and OJ stuck to their usual formula with a Zaytoven produced beat. Twista sounded like a feature on his own album. The combination of the three was huff, this song was literally “Walking On Ice” as being the weakest sh*t I’ve heard in awhile. Twista’s playful similes were somewhat entertaining.

Wetter Category 5: No explanation needed.

Billionaire Category 3: This New York enthused Busta assisted track is for the club. It’s not a club banger, but in a crowd I could see myself bouncing to this until I realize my mishaps.

Yo Body Category 4: The vibe of this track brings you back to the Po Pimpin’ days with Chicago’s Do or Die and Johnny P. The beat lingers throughout your mind with pictures of the Chi and its many voluptuous views. The austere Chicago beat with strong C-note piano chords and the “Get It Wet” claps keeps you tuned.

Hustla Category 3: The chorus is plain weak. Only Twista’s rapid flow and street-hustle like synths keep this track alive.

Gotta Get Me Category 2: This is an Electric like beat, but the song is not moving. It’s a nice song to fall asleep too, though. Twista’s sexually adventurous lyrics are consistent, though.

On Top Category 2: Sounds like some of Twista’s old pranks with this pop-sounding sh*t. This song is the hit that just doesn’t hit. And the “Night at the Roxbury” loop is very gay.

Jump Off Category 1: Throwaway. The gritty beat does not compliment Twista’s flow. Sounds like a Timbaland reject.

Wanna See Em Bus Category 3: Is a solid track, but it comes off to be a filler.

Birthday Category 3: Birthday is a radio jam, reminiscent of “Give It Up” . This is just the corny version, due to it intentionally sounding like a radio directed song.

-Steven C. Hall


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