New `Michael’ music?

King of Pop!

Word is, is that `Michel Jackson’, the King of Pop, has worked on some music that still hasn’t been released. Unfortunately, the big problem that’s going on is “will it be released?” Mottola stated “if Michael would have 12 or 13 songs on his album, Michael could have possibly recorded 15, 20 or 30 songs”. Mottola also said that “some of the songs that haven’t been released is some of his best work”. I think that should just release the music, I mean what are they going to do with it? Keep it? Do you think they should release Micheal Jaskson’s unreleased songs?

By: Clifton M.


3 thoughts on “New `Michael’ music?

  1. Michael said a while back that he had a vault full of tracks that were going to be released when he died. Like a few months ago

  2. Yes I believe Michael music should be released. I never heard about the unrelesaed music. It’s all `new’ to me!

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