Ron Artest- Michael Jackson Tribute


I know a while back we made a post on athletes turned rappers who shouldn’t have tried. Well Ron Artest definitely belongs on that list. Basketball player Ron Artest has made a  tribute to the late great King of Pop Michael Jackson, but honestly he could have kept it to himself. I understand showing appreciation for him and all he has done but not with a horrible song. Even Michael himself wouldn’t have wanted you to have made this. Horrible hook saying “Michael Michael Michael, you my n***a.” The verses were even worse. He cannot rap to save his life. He sounds like he’s crying too, but he didn’t even know him and he says that himself. One thing stood out to me is when Artest  said “ I know you in heaven, I hope to see you next year.” Either he had to find something to rhyme or he’s going to commit suicide. You be the judge and tell me what you think.

Listen here

Daniel DOOKIE Merrick


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