She Won’t Be Caught Up

Sotomayor isn't playing with them

Sotomayor isn't playing with them

With a total of 17 years under her belt as a Federal Court Judge, show can she be doubted? That’s right I said sheshe is Sonia Sotomayor. If she passes the examination, which is taking place right now, she will be the first Hispanic and the third woman on the Supreme Court Justice. Sotomayor is playing the role of Neo from the Matrix because she strategically evaded the questions and set-ups that the Senate threw at her to demolish her chances of being on the Supreme Court bench. Although she isn’t doing anything wrong the Republicans and even some Democrats want her to slip up. The Senate worries that Sotomayor will have a biased opinion on certain cases.In attempts to make these accusations true the Senate asked this “hypothetical” question;” Should a woman who is 38 weeks pregnant who has just found out that her fetus has spina bifida have an abortion?” Spina Bifida is a birth defect that prevents the child from living a normal life. Once again Sotomayor aggravated everybody in the hearing by answering the question but not answering the way they wanted her to answer. This was clearly a statement that she would be able to hold her own and not get rattled when the pressure is on.

                                             Donavon “Dono” Henry


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