Superman Movie

2269834811_a7d795d29eOkay it’s not actually a superman movie but you get the idea. Who can forget the superman dunk performed by Dwight Howard during the slam dunk contest giving him the nickname ” Superman”. Well this particular “Superman” is apparently going to be starring in a movie at the end of this summer. The film is supposed to be called “Switch” and it is about a white, unpopular, non-athletic high school freshman who switches basketball skills with Dwight Howard to raise his popularity profile among his peers. Chris Tucker, Kanye West, and Snoop Dogg are supposed to be in the film as well. Dwight was trying to get Shaq to do a cameo but Howard’s people are not confirming anything about the movie saying this is premature and inaccurate. In March Dwight said that he would be doing some acting this summer and that it’s something he wants to do at the end of his career. ” I’m a good actor. But that’s all for later (this summer)” said Dwight.


– Avonte’


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