Will Favre Return?


Brett Favre is now 39 years old, one of the oldest quartebacks in the NFL right now if not the oldest. If he decides to return back to play in this upcoming season, he will be playing with the Vikings. The problem is that he does not know if he will return. He is 39 and age is starting to become a factor for him, it’s taking a toll on his body. He no longer has the size and physique of a 22 year athlete.  Favre has recently been working/training with Oak Grove Highschool football team in Hattiesburg Mississippi. He plans on giving the Vikings his final decision by July 30, the start of training camp. Favre had surgery on his arm, which is why he was skeptical about this season. Luckily the surgery was a success and Favre has proven at workouts that he still has his skills. Favre knew he still had his arm strength when he was playing with a Senior receiver from Southeastern Louisiana college and the receiver could not catch his pass. Favre said “He’s a senior from Southeastern Louisiana, so I put a little more on it.” The pass split the receivers hands and hit him right in the face. If Favre didn’t have his armstrength he would not return for another season.



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