“D.O.H – (Death of Hova)”

1000_3143_21819994_gamehbzGame must really dislike Jay-Z. Dissing him at every concert, making song targeting him and now he’s making his own rendition of Jay’s song “D.O.A (Death of Autotune)”. Game has some problems with Jay because he thinks Jigga called him out in a freestyle he did on a radio station, but that’s nothing new for Game to start a beef with someone out the blue. He even had our over seas buddies in London screaming “F**k Jay-Z” at Game’s recent concert there. He even gave a little freestyle rap, which I think maybe one of the verses in his new song coming at Jay, at the concert. We posted Game’s song to Jay a while back called “I’m So Wavy” and now he’s going to make another. “D.O.H (Death of Hova)” is rumored to be the next song for the Game to try to come at Hova, but I think he needs to give it up. He’s pretty much starting a beef just for the hell of starting a beef since he doesn’t know if it was targeted to him or not. Come on Game, if you need a hobby go fishing. The picture for D.O.H is a little fuzzy; hopefully we get a better picture later on.

Daniel DOOKIE Merrick


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