Fella Of The Week

pharrell-and-rihannaLondon is the hot spot of the week!

Rihanna and Pharell Williams have sparked rumors that they just might be dating; they have been reportedly seen spending time together. Williams was last seen exiting out the London hotel where Rihanna just so happen to be staying at. According to the sources, the friendship between the Barbadian singer and vocalist of N.E.R.D has been getting stronger. “It’s no secret that Rihanna and Pharrell have chemistry,” the Mirror quoted a source as saying. “And not just in the studio – they seem mesmerized by each other. But Chris will be gutted to learn he could have lost Rihanna to one of the sexiest men in music. Rihanna and Pharrell talk on the phone all the time and whenever she can get a break in her schedule she’ll go and support him at a gig,”

Rihanna has come from victim of the year to player of the year. She gets around, but this time he’s cute so she must be doing something right besides just being a 304(hoe).she’s the new fella hopper.

Tamara D.


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