Great In All Aspects

The Greatest

The Greatest

The numbers 23 and 24 are the greatest numbers that have been worn in the league hands down. Yes, there are other great numbers Julius Erving (6), Wilt Chamberlain(13), Dominique Wilkins (21) , but they did not do what Jordan and Kobe have accomplished. We all have seen Micheal Jordan’s dunk from the free throw line and we all saw Kobe drop that 81 points by the 3rd quarter of that historic game against the Raptors January 22, 2006. But what about off the court?

I’m sure everybody is aware of Micheal’s Hanes’s advertisements and infamous Jordan shoe and clothing line. What people do not know is that Micheal is also a trendsetter as well as a cheerful giver. Remember when everybody in the league were wearing those nut-hugger shorts? Remember when everybody stopped wearing them? Guess who started the long shorts trend Micheal Jordan. Mike also holds the record for most money money in a year for a one year contract for $35 million. Jordan also has been giving money away for different charities and causes such as the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of America and the Special Olympics.

You know who is next up none other than that monster of a man, the Black Mamba Kobe Bryant. I mentioned his historic 81 point night against the Raptors but it’s worth mentioning again. That was just monstrous! But other than Kobe banging everybody that faces him on the court he, like Mike doesn’t get recognition for other things he does off the court. Some say that Kobe is a jerk, but if so, why is he among the top of the top in charity giving? Kobe along with other players from the Lakers have lent a helping hand in community and he has also given ample amounts of money to charities all around the world.

That is why Kobe and Mike are considered the greatest and will always be the greatest.

                                     Donavon “Dono” Henry


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