Gucci Mane In Jail?

untitledHe has done it again. Yes everyone’s favorite trap star rapper Gucci Mane is report ably in jail again. Or is he?

“Just woke up to some bulls***… my n***a Gucci back in jail…Free Gucci.”, said rapper Soulja Boy, who is actually pretty close to him. But later on in the day Soulja Boy said”Gucci Mane is not in jail”. So which one is it Soulja?

Another friend of Gucci, Nicki Minaj, had this to say when asked about Gucci being locked up. “Yes, unfortunately it is true. Let’s just all prey for Gucci and hold him down while he’s gone.” But later that day she said this “false info bout gucci bra aint locked up.” So which one is it Nicki? The stars are trying cover up from telling what they weren’t supposed to tell.



Word is that Gucci may not be in jail, but he will be soon. He had failed a urine test which means he’s violating his probation. We will see in time.

Daniel DOOKIE Merrick


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