Music To My Tears

I recently went through the toughest break up of my life and I couldn’t imagine getting through it without music. When I didn’t have the words I always found them in my 8 favorite break-up songs:

1. Let it Burn- Usher
2. Moving Mountains- Usher
3. Heartless- Kanye West
4. Foolish- Ashanti
5. Torn- Letoya Luckett
6. Say Goodbye- Chris Brown
7. Ex- Factor- Lauren Hill
8. Emotional Rollercoaster- Vivian Green

Tired of riding an emotional rollercoaster, I had to find the right time to say goodbye. Because we were past the point when it felt like moving mountains and I had to let it burn. I could “remember when my heart broke,” so I had to give up loving you….I couldn’t be foolish. But “when I tried to walk away, you’d [find a way] to make me stay.” And “now I’m sitting here and I’m so confused, because I keep fighting myself for you.” I’m torn. I’m not heartless but I always feel better when I think “just wait a couple months then you gone see, you’ll never find nobody better than me!”

-Breanna H-


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