Relationship Advice

This is a question from a real teen seeking real relatioship problems. Please help her.

Her Ouestion:

Teen relationship problems! HELP

ASAP 10 points to the best answer?

I am now a teen and for you to understand the situation i’m going to have to tell you a little about my child hood. So, there was this boy I met when I was little and i’m gonna call him … “d” .. so anyways, I loved “d” ever since I met him. He was my first love , first kiss, blah blah blah, but then as I grew older I moved away and had to get over him. Since then I had alot of shitty relationships, except for one with this guy i’m gonna call “a” . So i was dating “a” and then randomly “d” comes back into my life and I fall for him all over again. I didn’t want to be stuck in the middle dating one while liking the other so I tried to pick one and some people were pressuring me into dating “d” so i did it. Now i’m dating “d” but also now i notice how much I LOVE “a” and i want “a” back more then ANYTHING! I like “d” and all but , there was just something between “a” and I and I noticed i really f-ed up my life and I need “a” back. But the thing is, “d” is hopelessly inlove with me. You should have herd the things he said to me.. and “d” and I just started officially started dating yesterday so I dont want to break his heart. So… my question is, if I want “a” back, what can I do to dump “d” without breaking his heart or hurting his feelings to badly , and how can I get “a” back in a really cute way. PLEASE help!

3 thoughts on “Relationship Advice

  1. I think u should do what your heart tells u. Try to tell “d” that ur not feeling him like u use to. n tell “a” dat u like him and would love to b wit him.

  2. tell “d” that you have someone new in your life and you would like to see where you and “a” can go with yall relationship. and just tell “a” you were confused but you wanna be with him.

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