Technology Is Stupid!… Or Is It??



I recently visited George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia for a journalism and media conference. A majority of the conference was focused on political journalism of course, in respect to the fact that the university is so close to Washington D.C. Unfortunately, all of the speakers ticked me off. In all seriousness, all the talk about newspapers going out of business and journalism dying makes me want to throw up.

I suppose my generation and those after us must accept the fact that newspapers are undoubtedly not as useful or necessary as they have been in the past; who reads them anymore anyway? Though the hype and apparent delight of no journalism scares me for the future of knowledge and good sense that already appears to be descending in this generation. The reality: within the next couple of years, journalism will fundamentally be technological unlike previously when the rudiments of it rested in print.

According to some professional journalists, we are shifting into an era where people will retrieve information on news sites, blogs, some TV and radio, iphones, and whatever other new elements techno-maniacs decide to add in. The problem is the fact that just about anyone can post “news” on the internet which leads to the next problem- the primary dilemma that we face. If anyone can post info on the net, how will professional journalists be useful and get paid?! But according to these same journalists, journalism is not dying. I feel bad for aspiring newspaper writers and editors; their time is unlikely to come. Another predicament we find ourselves in is the exclusion of local news; it is believed that local newspapers may survive the war though.

It is both a sad and inspiring day in the field. While it seems that people don’t value good writing or care where their info comes from, there is so much potential for our generation to create innovative ways to dose cures for ignorance. 



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