100 Years In Prison

Michael Mario Pace

Michael Mario Pace

Michael Mario Pace (18), the person who admitted the killing of 16 year- old Blair Holt on a CTA bus in may 2007, was sentenced to 100 years in prison yesterday. Criminal courts reporter Rummana Husain said that Pace sat back with a faint smile on his face and that he looked irritated and he even yawned. He was muttering into his hands saying ” lies “. Michael has tattoos on both of his hands, one saying ” I’m a beast” and the other one saying ” I’m a dog”. Michael also seemed to dismiss the 100 year sentence as if it meant nothing to him. Judge Nicholas Ford rejected Pace’s defense attorneys’ claims that the admitted gangster disciple was only trying to protect himself from a rival gang member who had shot at him before and started dating his ex- girlfriend. Blair Holt’s father Ronald Holt had this to say: ” He can smirk all he wants. He can smirk 100 years behind bars”. It also had to be very emotional in the court room with both parents seeing all five video footage’s of the shooting on the bus that day. I don’t know when it is going to sink into him that he’s going spend the rest of his days in prison.

– Avonte’


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