Are You Picky?


Do you have super-specific ideas of who’s right for you? Are you waiting patiently for the right person? Answer some of these questions to test how picky you are.

1.  Do you believe in “The One” — the one and only one person out there who’s meant just for you?

2.  How much thought would you give to what kind of car your bf/gf drove?

3.   When you’re into someone, how much do other people’s reactions factor in (like whether your friends will think he/she is right for you or how you’ll look together in public)?

4.   You walk into a party and scan the crowd for:

5.   Are there a set of rules you have about how a bf/gf should treat you?

6.  Do you look for “Personality” or “Looks” in a guy/girl when you first meet them?

Ashley J.


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