Chris auditioning for a movie ?

Chris Brown’s “Apology”


Chris Brown has come out with this fake ass apology tape. There is a million things wrong with this video. I highly doubt if he wrote it himself.  Maybe, this is practice for a movie titled “I Beat my ex-girl friend and my life should be over”. Chris Brown is  a actor and performer who is reading a script. He shouldbe in jail right now, but instead he is still living the fabulous life. The worst thing is that his image should have been destroyed and fans should be lost, but I guess things are never the way they SHOULDbe or the situation would’ve never happened. If Chris’ camp was going to produce this manufactured bullshit ass apology then they could of at least made it genuine and believable. He didn’t take full responsibility and this “apology” tape should have never been made.


I am so mad at this baby’s parents. Why would you let a women beater try and restore his image by using your child? LMAO. I guess Chris thought taking pics with babies would work.


No one will ever forget this picture and the incend that caused it. No one shouldever support any man who has the audacity to pull his fist back and force it to a woman’s body.


The crazy thing is most of his young female fans took up for Chris ! Teenage girls these days are so clueless and I have a feeling that we will see a boom in teenage domestic abuse charges. I pray for this generation.




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