Chris Brown’s Apology


After watching Chris Brown’s apology I think it’s safe to say that it was believable. Some people may think he didn’t mean a word and that it wasn’t from his heart. But even though it appeared he was reading off of something, which he more than likely wrote, he took the time to sit down and put thoughts and serious feelings into that public apology because if he didn’t, it would be a lot of  ” ums ” and pauses. Then people definitely wouldn’t believe it then because it would seem like he was just talking. I also believe everyone makes this whole thing to much about Chris like Rhianna didn’t do anything at all. No one knows what actually happened that night but Chris and Rhianna . Everyone speculates about that situation giving their own opinions on what they believed happened and some people are ignorant enough to believe it. Who knows, Rhianna could’ve sparked the fuel to that fire. Chris has made great songs and he’s a great entertainer. He understands what he did was wrong and he apologizes for it. I  personally believe him all the way. I think this public apology should restore his career and put him back on track to continue to do what he’s been doing best. Even though he’s still been making songs and working on his new album since the incident while having fun, he can now continue his success and share it publicly and hopefully without  facing all the negative things the media and hate figures continue to throw at him. It was cool.

– Avonte’


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