Chris Brown’s “Heart to Heart”

Chris brown

They say time heals all wounds, so I guess that’s why Chris Brown’s lawyer advised him to wait until all of Rhianna’s wounds healed to make a public apology. ..but better late than never!

As much as I love Chris Brown, I was very disappointed in his apology. I knew he had a lisp but I didn’t know about a stutter… or maybe the person who wrote his apology for him didn’t have good hand writing. I don’t agree with his behavior at all but I do support him. And even I could see through that apology….after I managed to make it past the bright red jacket he was wearing…nice try Chris! 

I know Ike Turner is glad that his name is no longer the butt of every domestic violence joke, but he’s about the only one who’s pleased with Chris Brown right now. If he wants to save his career and get back on everyone’s good side….he’s going to have to come better than that!

He could start by writing his own apology. Then he should take the money he paid to have the original apology written and donate it to a domestic violece charity or something. He should also get in touch with his femine side and take a women’s studies class as well….just some suggestions!

-Breanna H-


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