Get Off His Sack!

       OK I’m just curious why this Chris Brown and Rhianna incident is still a circulating buzz like it just happened yesterday? OOH! Pick me I know why. It’s because he is famous and he has talent. We all know that hitting a woman is wrong but how do you know what happened in that car. She probably pushed the limit further than Rick Ross did. Why do people get enjoyment out of watching a person fall. Is it so serious for the community to see a person practically drop to his knees and beg for forgiveness? Women get hit and beat on everyday, it sounds harsh but that’s the cold hard truth. If Rhianna and Chris Brown were regular kids in college and eating Rahmen noodles nobody would know anything about them fighting, not a peep.Chris has apologized again and again and again…… What do you people want him to do? Get her a car! Just leave the man alone and let him do what he does. It isn’t your life. You will make your living so let him make his by doing what he loves to do. I do not like repeating myself but, GET OFF HIS SACK!


One thought on “Get Off His Sack!

  1. wow! i agree that it’s old news but still very relavant in respect to domestic violence. and theyre relationship is the perfect example.

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