Get That Clique Up Outta Here…

mean girls

Girls, like boys- and all people… even animals tend to group together, according to some commonality. Though the term ‘clique’ carries a relentless burden of negativity granted by mainstream movies like Mean Girls, a clique can go one of two ways. You have the cliques that movies portray and you have those that we’d all love to be apart of. Is there a difference? 

First clique: Real Life Mean Girls. This clique includes the following:

  • The Ring Leader– She’s usually the one with well-off parents and has more clothes, jewelry, and other material possessions than Oprah can afford. She expects her clique to do and agree with whatever she says.
  • The Understudy– She sticks right up under the ring leader and has no backbone. She will agree with absolutely everything the “queen b” says like a little punk. She can never act like who she truly is.
  • The Good Girl– She is the one who always tries to defend the group and finds the good in each of its members. She is often used by the group even though she is fully aware of what’s going on in most cases.
  • The Flip- Flop– She’s probably the strongest of them all and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. She hangs with the group, but is friends with additional people that the other group members think they’re too cool to hang with.

 Second clique:

  • a group of friends who actually care about each other and came together, not with a leader, but because it was destined for them to be friends- however corny it may sound. This group is far from perfect but has a genuine love and equally as important, respect.


  •  How do you view girl cliques?
  • Are they different from guy cliques?
  • Do some hang with one another simply for protection?
  • Do some come together because of broken home lives?
  • Do members of cliques eventually depart in life?
  • Are cliques like gangs? If so, how?
  • How are younger siblings of mean girls affected?
  • Which clique are you apart of?
  • Which member are you?



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