How Do You Know When You’re Really In Love?

love%20lost 551) You know your really in love if that person is all you think about.

2)You’d rather be with them, then with your friends.

3) If you tell that person you love them over 30 times in 1 day!

4) If you dont mind giving that person money if they really need it.

5) If they’re family dont like you, you still be there no matter what.

6) You’d risk getting in trouble by your parents, just to be with them.

7) You stay on the phone with that person all night even though you sleepy.

8)  When you first wake up, your first priority is to call them.

9) You dont have to worry about them cheating, they might look, but they know where home is.

10) You’ll do anything for them(no matter what it is.)

By:Leteshia wiley


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