Jehovah Or Jayhovah?


The new talk about Jay-Z’s book “Decoded” has rekindled old talk about allegations of his involvement in a secret society know as the Freemasons. A little while ago Jay-Z was being very closely scrutinized and there was speculation of alternative meanings to his every move from his nickname (Hova) to his song lyrics.

There were theories that the “Rocafella” diamond was meant to represent the Masonic “All Seeing Eye” pyramid symbol and the nickname “Hova” was a comparison of Jay-Z to Jesus. And the most gossip came when Jay-Z smashed his beef with Nas and they were seen doing a mysterious handshake. Shortly afterwards, Nas crossed over to the dark side when he traded his crucifix for an Egyptian amulet. jay and nas

When Jay-Z announced that in his book he would be “decoding” some of his song lyrics there was immediate questioning as to whether he would discuss his most controversial song “Lucifer.” Allegedly there were subliminal, satanic messages in the song and when played backwards it said “Six, Six, Six Murder Murder Jesus, Six, Six, Six.” When asked about his spiritual beliefs he simply said “I have my own opinions about religion.”

I didn’t believe any of this stuff at first, but if you research Jay-Z and the Freemasons some of those articles make very compelling arguments. We’ll just have to wait until the book comes out to see for ourselves. They say don’t believe everything you hear, well hopefully we can believe some of the things we read!

-Breanna H-


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