~*~Kiss Kiss Chris Brown Goodbye~*~


Okay what Chris Brown did to Rihanna on February 8h 2009 was outrageous. Chris said throughout his childhood there was a lot of domestic violence from his step father to his mother. He would always see his step father beat his mother and that’s where he got it from, that’s a big excuse to me and many more other people that he used. Many people say that this wasn’t Chris first time hitting Rihanna this was the first time he got caught doing what he did. I have no sympathy for him anymore Chris has lost many of his true fans. Things will never be the same for him, now he has been sentenced with a felony of domestic abuse charge, Chris punched Rihanna in the face, bit into her ear and fingers and applied pressure to the arteries in her neck, then threatened her life, shouting, “I’m going to beat the s**t out of you when we get home! You wait and see,” I would have never thought Chris was like that he didn’t seem like that type of person but hey looks are deceiving.

          There is a video of Chris apologizing saying how sorry he is and the dog wants everyone to forgive him. The boy knew what he was doing so now he has to suffer the consequences for what he has done. The video was garbage to me, I don’t think he met s**t he said. The way he was saying everything on the video made it seem he was practicing what to say, it all looked counterfeit to me. I think he just wants everyone to feel sorry for him, but now everyone has seen the real Chris Brown and its way different now. I hate him now, I hate when a man lays their hands on a woman. Now I bet he would have never hit a man the way he hit Rihanna.

          In a way, I blame Rihanna for it to because if this was not Chris first time hitting her then why would she keep letting him do it? Just because he said sorry so what, if he see all he has to do is say sorry and she will forgive him then yea he’s going go do it again. Once a man laid their hands on a woman that should be the end of it. No second chances a man should get for hitting a woman. Rihanna make herself look stupid in a way but hey, that’s her and that’s what she does she had to find out the hard way that it was time to leave Chris.




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