Meet Pacific Division



Pacific Division also known as Pac Div for short is a rap trio from Los Angeles. The group consists of brothers Like and Mibbs and long time friend of the two BeYoung, they have been together since 2001. From then to now the group has been on magazine covers such as XXL, The Rolling Stone, Source, etc and have dropped two mixtapes and an EP. Their most recent work is a cd called Church League Champions. One of the few cds of this year I have listened to all the way through without skipping any songs. Simply put its DOPE and a free download. Check it out!

Download HERE



Track List

01. Dick Vitale
02. We The Champs (Duke v. Carolina)
03. Pac Div
04. Mayor
05. For You
06. No No
07. Knuckleheadz
08. Whiplash
09. Underdogs (interlude)
10 Shut Up
11. Young Black Male
12. Never
13. Back

By: Chris “Zookie” Roberts


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