Once R & B’s Finest!


Kells the rapper/trying to fit in has left. R.Kelly is back, finishing where he left off (in the bed room music). Dropping “The Demo Tape” he introduced “Banging the Head Bored” single showing listener’s what R.Kelly was always known for. Changing the identity for the third time to the low cut to keep up wit the generation’s change of stlye can give the maturer image. The versatile R&B singer has been changlled by up and coming singer’s Trey Songz and Drake to make good music. I’m wonderin can he continue to keep the attention of his fan’s?……By: Devon Willaims


2 thoughts on “Once R & B’s Finest!

  1. thank God he cut his hair! he’s waaay too old for those braids! and yea, i guess its better that he’s going back to singing! (even if it is ALL about sex!)

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