Real?…Real Fake!



This is a typical conversation between friends on the subject of Chris Brown’s public apology:

Tamara:  So did u here bout dat Chris Brown apology?

Kasi: Gurl yea!

Tamara: Dat ish was FAKE!

Kasi: G! I was left skeptical on how sincere he really was.

Tamara: Sincere? It was all scripted!

Kasi: Yea, none of dat was frm da heart!  How does sum1 watch their mama get abused turn around and do da same thing?!

Tamara: 4real.wht was he thinkin?!

Kasi: He was thinkin bout beating her a$$! LOL!


    How do you feel about Chris Brown’s scripted apology? Was it real or fake?

By: Kasi Ofem and Tamara D.


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