Short Hair:A Cry For Attention?


Britney Spears was the first to cut her hair off, and we all thought she was crazy. She was, but it definitely gave her some attention. Are other celebs following in her footsteps?

People say you cut off your hair for a new look, for a change. But now it has gone beyond reinventing yourself, it’s becoming a cry for attention. Look at all the other¬†celebs jumping on the short hair wagon:

Ciara: A multi-platinum artist who now barely has a single hit out. Most people don’t list her as one of their fave singers anymore. Solution: Cut her hair+magazine cover= look at me! look at me!


Rihanna: Even though she is absolutely fabulous, Rihanna didn’t become super mega famous until her Umbrella video.


Cassie: All I can say for Cassie is why? What was your point in cutting/shaving your hair off? Now you look like a HUGE attention whore, and you still don’t have a real career.


So girls – there’s nothing wrong with cutting your hair but just do it for beauty instead of following a fad or to have people look at you. Remember to¬† do it for the right reasons.



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