The Slandering of FOX News Kevin McCullough

The Videogame Advocate Returns to Defend Gamers

courtAgain and again I find myself reading some perpetual article or comment about how popular videogames are allegedly “corrupting our youth”. There has been a backlash of lawsuits and angry bloggers alike in this ongoing war. Everything from the mini sex scene in Mass Effect to grand theft auto’s graphic violence has had its integrity challenge by seamlessly homicidal politicians, Press, and organizations. FOX news Kevin McCullough bashing of mass effect was a complete and utter failure as he tried to do what other anti-videogame activitist have done. Exagerate videogames, making them seem Worse then what they are. His Word were met with criticism by surprising enough the game developer EA and also the public. This is just part of a letter written by EA to fox news:

Your headline above the televised story read: “New videogame shows full digital nudity and sex.” Fact: Mass Effect does not include explicit or frontal nudity. Love scenes in non-interactive sequences include side and profile shots – a vantage frequently used in many prime-time television shows. It’s also worth noting that the game requires players to develop complex relationships before characters can become intimate and players can chose to avoid the love scenes altogether.FNC voice-over reporter says: “You’ll see full digital nudity and the ability for players to engage in graphic sex.”
Fact: Sex scenes in Mass Effect are not graphic. These scenes are very similar to sex sequences frequently seen on network television in prime time.

FNC reporter says: “Critics say Mass Effect is being marketed to kids and teenagers.”
Fact: That is flat out false. Mass Effect and all related marketing has been reviewed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and rated Mature – appropriate for players 17-years and older. ESRB routinely counsels retailers on requesting proof of age in selling M-rated titles and the system has been lauded by members of Congress and the Federal Trade Commission. In practical terms, the ratings work as well or better than those used for warning viewers about television content.

 Kevin McCullough also said that he discovered the content in mass effect after seeing his 15 year old son playing this game.

Fact: the game is rated M-mature meaning for people aged 17+. First off,  I will do what I do to every anti videogame activist, question their lives and most importantly their parenting. Please tell us how you son got his hands on a M-rated game when congress passed a law prevent the sell of violent video games to minors? Did you you buy the game for him?

Its clear that he truly mess up in trying to slander Mass Effect with his “misconceptions”. I can only pity him as his tries to remain firm in his word, refusing to accept defeat by the likes of lowlife gamers. This is only an attempt to hold on to the string of pride that he so gracefully cut loose. EA really summarized this for me. Videogames cannot be exaggerated by the media so stick to celebrity gossip.

By Elijah Hudley


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