Violated; But Not By A Gang


Violated with no remorse!

Violated with no remorse!

We all know that in most professions where men and women “compete” or work in the same field, women undergo scrutiny that the men do not. For example, the journalism world and the turmoil it brings causes controversy for women who are not strong enough to stand in the kitchen and take the heat.                  Female reporters have been victims of mental, sexual, or sexual harassment at some point in their career. Such instances include when Suzy Kolber’s encounter with the drunk Joe Namath. Or how about the time when Lisa Olsen was sexually harassed by while doing a piece on the New England Patriots? Or when Loretta Hunt was bombarded with foul names by UFC president Dana White. These cases almost never if anytime at all happen to male reporters. But, all in all, people know their limits or they should.

            Erin Andrews; beautiful, intelligent, quick witted, and wise- especially when it comes to sports. But these attributes did not make her immune to the most embarrassing situation in her life. This time Andrews was the victim. She got the direct effect like she was live on MTV. Andrews was in her hotel room when someone videotaped her naked, through the peephole! How thirsty can you be to see a naked women? How could a person violate someone’s privacy and afterwards put it on the Internet for everyone to see.

             Voyeurism is taking security, safety, and privacy from a victim in a place they should feel comfortable. Before this incident the remarks made by men about Erin Andrews were all fun and games, but this was no fun intended. This goes way past the fun and games this is assault. This was straight embarrassing and if the perpetrators are caught they won’t be having too much fun in the penitentiary.

               Andrews is working with the police to catch the perpertrators, but the damage has been done. They deserve to be arrested and sentenced for exploiting her like they did. I’m positive she is embarressed beyond measure and my sympathy goes out to Ms. Andrews.

             Donavon “Dono” Henry


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