Why Do Men Cheat?

I know many of you ladies want to know  the answer to this question, “why do men cheat”? According to the questions I’ve asked to men, the main reason why they cheat is because their not satisfied. If men aren’t satisfied with their women,  they could easily get a woman that will satisfy them with no problem whatsoever.

 Sure, some guys cheat because the sex has slowed a bit, but the truth is that plenty of men who are having sex regularly with their partner are also having sex with someone else. Why? Because cheating isn’t just about the sex. A man often cheats, because he’s seeking the attention that he no longer gets from his partner.

 In my opinion,  if you’re with someone that’s cheating, he doesn’t want you. I don’t care what anyone says, just because your not satisfying him or because the sex is wacky, that’s no reason to cheat. Also I think if a man cheats their just not ready to neither settle down nor to commit… A real man no matter what is going on can be faithful to their partner. So yes, maybe sometimes it does depend on how the woman treats her man in order to keep him faithful, but  I still believe if your man is dedicated to you, and your doing something wrong he will express himself to you, so you know what your doing wrong. If I was doing something wrong and was not keeping my man satisfied, then I would want him to tell me. If I’m still not satisfying my man, I would want him to leave me instead of cheat, because that’s something I would  do, I’d rather leave him then to cheat also.

 Ladies, nowadays its hard as hell to find the right guy, it’s hard to find the one that’s always going to be there for you through thick and thin, ups and downs. No man is going to cheat if he truly loves you and that’s the truth. I don’t listen to excuses that people use for men and why they cheat, if he wants to keep a woman and stay with her for the rest of his life then he’s not going to cheat, he’s going to be the best man he can be to keep her.

Men cheat because they want it all. Rather if it’s with one person or many, because they seek fulfillment; mentally, sexually, and spiritually. Men are going to be men, their going to do what they do no matter what. All men are not the same so i’m not speaking for all,  men come and go but hey a man is always going to be a man rather if you change them or not.



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