Break It Down For Brown













Ok Brown, let’s break it down for you. First though, you must agree to contain your anger and allow me to speak my mind without a fear of coming out looking like the above. For this reason, I will remain anonymous. Agreed?

Dear Mr. Brown:

            I saw your recently released apology video that was as touching as seeing a lion hunt prey for its family. Come to think of it, you’re something like a lion. Your prey- poor little Rihanna. The only difference is that, though you may have been provoked, you had no right to hit her. I bet it made you feel pretty good when all your female worshipers began to speak out about how Rihanna was the wrong one in the situation, huh? Those dummies actually said that she deserved what you did! You shouldn’t even be able to believe that crap.

            I do have a few suggestions for next time though. (Not that there will really be one) I know that everything is not completely in your hands, but it may help if you memorized or just became a little more familiar with your statement. The long pauses, deep breaths, and plunging, 20 second blinks made it not so genuine and seemingly forced. Contrasting, I must say that the passionate begging for forgiveness was a great start on the rebuilding of a shattered respect that I and many have lost for you.

            One last thing, not to beat a dead fly, but were you really sad about what happened, like you said? Or do you just really want your ex-fans all over the world to continue to support your young career? Notice Rihanna’s hand in the picture; you should be used to those by now.

-Anonymous/ Breezy!


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