CPS Pay What You Owe!


I expected this summer to be great. I was going to hang out with friends, kick it downtown and most important,  start my first job!

I was so excited to start working, I got there 30 minuets early and everything! The first couple weeks went by great! Then it was pay day, and that’s when all my problems began. I went to the Truestar office and my money had not come in from CPS yet.

From day one I began calling the CPS main office to find no answers. After talking to person after person and getting the run around I began to lose hope. It has now been a week and I have still not been paid! I have family members making phone calls on my behalf  using threats of legal action if I am not paid, still no pay!

I am so tired of this whole situation. I just want my money! For future reference if you are think about working for CPS…DON’T! It is not worth the hassle and headache. Pray for me people.

By: Kasi Ofem


6 thoughts on “CPS Pay What You Owe!

    • I really don’t there is no excuse for what is going on. These jobs are a chance for us to get real working experience and not being paid at the agreed time is totally unprofessional! From what i hear CPS nt paying their students on time is nothing new! It seems like they just dont take us seriously.

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