Giving It Up

woman-taking-clothes-off-lg-73073419 first       Does giving it up on the first date, change the respect level a man has for a woman? Well… If he take you home and your ready to give it up already, he knows for now on how he will treat you. Girls do it all the time. Whether you do it or not, that’s when men start to categorize you. If you give it up on the first night, guess what categorize your being put in, a HOE. However, if you be a lady and tell him its not gone happen, you will be categorized as the WIFEY TYPE. A man knows how to treat women, its just depends on how you present yourself around him.Sometimes acting stuck up is the route to go.

           No woman likes to be called out their name or disrepected. Let me tell you something…the women that walk around with little shorts on and little mini skirts all the time is the women that losers go for. They go for them because they know, if a woman is dressed like that then they’re saying,”Come get me”. On the other hand, Women that have respect for themselves wouldnt dress like that all the time unless its over 90 degrees outside. Real men tend to go after that type. So the way you dress and act depends on how your dating life goes.

By:leteshia Wiley


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